Plate heat exchanger, wort chiller - 24 plates, stainless steel

With its 24 stainless steel plates, this unit can cool 40 litres of hot wort down to 20°C in just 10 minutes. The unit uses natural gravity and therefore does not require an additional pump. The precipitation of the protein is not interrupted and the fast cooling reduces the risk of infection. Easy to use and clean. Moderate water consumption. Standard connection (¾). Absolutely indispensable for all brewers who strive for quality!

The wort cooler is supplied with hose nozzles (12 mm) and operating instructions. The hoses are not included in the scope of delivery. For hot wort, our silicone hose (see accessories) is best suited. For cold water, we recommend the PVC hose (see accessories).
Not an immersion model.

* With cooling water of 10 ° C at twice the speed of the wort.

Item ID 468686
Condition New
Manufacturer ich-zapfe
Manufacturing country Germany
Content 1 piece
Dimensions 210×100×130mm


Plate heat exchanger, wort chiller - 24 plates, stainless steel

Item number NEW-10541

Hersteller: ich-zapfe

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Content 1 piece
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