Disinfectant stand, Hygiene Stand - stainless steel

Disinfectant is critical to ensuring safety and hygiene in various establishments, especially in places with a large circulation of people. With our stainless steel disinfectant stand with cart model, you can keep your hands clean and free from germs anywhere.

This disinfectant stand is portable and can easily be transported to where you need it. The cart has wheels and a convenient transport handle for easy mobility. It is designed to support a wide variety of hand -to -hand container sizes and shapes, helping its use in different situations.

The structure is made of stainless steel, which makes it resistant and not corrosive, and is easy to clean and maintain. Our disinfectant stands are suitable for a wide range of places, including stores, medical offices, hospitals, offices and more.


  • Light and easy to carry with wheels and transport handle
  • Resistant and non -corrosive stainless steel construction
  • Compatible with most disinfectant containers for the hands available on the
  • market

    Frequently asked (FAQ) Questions

    How should I use the disinfectant stand?

    Just put the disinfectant container to the stand on the stand and adjust it according to size. The cart has a pressure lever to facilitate the release of the disinfectant to the hands.

    How big is the disinfectant container that is compatible with the stand?

    The disinfectant stand can accommodate a wide variety of container sizes. However, the default size is 1 liter.

    What is the purpose of this disinfectant stand?

    The disinfectant stand was created to provide a portable and convenient solution to keep your hands sanitized and free of germs anywhere. It is ideal for use in places with large circulation of people, such as hospitals, offices, shops and other establishments.


    Saro Disinfectant stand, Hygiene Stand - stainless steel

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