Hand Sanitizer Dispenser - Model Carolina - 1 L

The 1 l stainless steel disinfectant, Carolina model, is a reliable solution to keeping hands clean and free of germs. The dispenser is made of durable stainless steel and includes a 1 L container for easy hand disinfectant supply. This model is suitable for use in areas with high traffic from people, such as offices, schools, hospitals and restaurants.


  • built in durable stainless steel
  • 1 L capacity for easy supply
  • It has an elegant and modern design
  • It is easy to use and keep
  • Allows users to easily disinfect their hands

Frequently asked questions

How do I supply the disinfectant?

The disinfectant is easily supplied through the upper opening of the dispenser. Just remove the lid and pour the disinfectant into the container.

How many times do I need to supply the dispenser?

The number of recharges depends on the volume of use of the dispenser. However, the 1 L container is able to have a large amount of disinfectant, making you need to supply it less often.

How do I clean the dispenser?

The exterior of the dispenser can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth. If there is any disinfectant accumulation at the expense of the dispenser, it can be easily removed with an alcohol -soaked cotton swab.

Is this model suitable for high traffic environments?

Yes, the Carolina model is robust enough to deal with high traffic demand from places such as hospitals, schools and restaurants. This makes it an excellent option for environments where it is important to keep your hands clean and free of germs.


Saro Hand Sanitizer Dispenser - Model Carolina

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